Road or Rail,
R+R shows the way ahead


Cost optimization for sustainability: With knowledge of life cycle costs, ASTRA can optimize the costs of building and maintaining national roads over their entire service life. This enables better, economically sustainable use of the financial resources available. Together with ASTRA, R+R is preparing documentation that describes the method for estimating and applying life cycle costs for the structural infrastructure from the operator's perspective. The focus is on the planning level and applicability by project managers and project teams.


N01.22 Motorway section Schönbühl – Kirchberg, Lindenrain rest area upgrade

The service building at the Lindenrain motorway rest area has been equipped with a new toilet module made of chrome steel; construction was completed at the end of 2023. The new toilet module offers better protection against vandalism, and it will be possible to continue its use in the event of a future replacement of the service building. R+R supported the Federal Road Office’s overall project manager in project planning and execution.


ERTMS Netherlands

Other countries, same problems: Modern railway technology requires time and money to implement. Jost Lüking was member of a team of six European experts on the ETCS train control system who assessed the status of the national ETCS program for the Dutch Parliament in mid-2023. Our Second Opinion formulated recommendations on program governance and management, on the technical, spatial and temporal scope of the program, on system integration and integration management, and last but not least on program costs and their current forecast. The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterways published the Second Opinion at the beginning of November.


EP Hagnau – Augst N02

Within the Hagnau – Augst motorway maintenance project, structural changes to the western tunnel portal (direction Basel/Germany) have to be carried out to enable longitudinal ventilation in both traffic directions. We are pleased that the plans for the extension of the western portal of Schweizerhalle tunnel have officially been approved. This allows us to finalise the detailed design and approach the contractor submission process according to our project schedule.

N01.22 Motorway section Schönbühl – Kirchberg, Lindenrain rest area upgrade
ERTMS Netherlands
EP Hagnau – Augst N02

We design innovative infrastructure projects

Our strength lies in managing large and complex projects, which often pose special and unique challenges. We advise and support private and public enterprises in planning, implementing and managing their infrastructure projects.

Our consulting services combine economic and technical aspects, thus ensuring economic success.

We are proud to help shaping the future of mobility in Switzerland and abroad.

Project Management

Project management is where we excel

The strength of R+R lies in managing the implementation of large, complex projects, which often pose special and unique challenges. As project manager or member of a management team, R+R plans and supports the development of solutions which are technically optimal, economical and sustainable.

We assemble planning and development teams and lead them. We define and guide decision-making and approval processes. We carry out procurement procedures. We plan and monitor project costs and schedules, analyse and control quality standards and propose interventions when needed.

We manage and administrate projects efficiently. With practical experience, our project managers demonstrate leadership and expertise in project planning and implementation processes.

We support clients in the strategic planning process, analyse the project environment, define requirements and project goals and help with the definition of scenarios. We provide the basis for decision-making and project design and manage the documentation.
We analyse project risks, develop project structures and process scenarios and define optimal project organizations. We record the results in organizational charts, responsibility matrices and project manuals and coordinate the services of all parties involved.
In project management, R+R takes care of budgeting, scheduling and quality planning, creates status and progress reports and suggests adequate control measures to efficiently achieve project goals. For contract controlling, we use suitable management information systems to ensure compliance with the delivery items.
In the advertising and tender evaluation process, we supply the market analysis and offer an overview of possible contractors and suppliers. We create specifications and advertising documents, and propose and apply suitable evaluation tools. We conduct prequalifications and concept competitions, and evaluate presentation documents and offers. We support the client in contract award and debriefings.
We support the clients in the process of plan approval and land acquisition. We take on construction management mandates and ensure compliance with legal requirements. We coordinate and support environmental protection measures in complex projects.
R+R is involved in public relations work. We produce project presentations, evaluate and deal with submissions and objections and prepare political decisions. We answer citizens' inquiries and provide information material for authorities and the media.

Consulting services as a solid foundation

R+R evaluates projects, facilities and enterprises using state-of-the-art economic methods. We define target systems, assess target achievement and carry out risk analyses. With extensive international benchmarking, R+R has developed a comprehensive database of cost, productivity and quality indicators that is continuously updated and expanded. Benchmarking makes it possible to recognize best practice and to give recommendations for better efficiency. Corresponding process improvements are identified through value analysis. R+R knows the technical, legal, social and political developments on the transport markets. On this basis, we develop market studies, scenarios and forecasts and analyse the impact of technical solutions.

We create and evaluate cost estimates, evaluate the technical, operational and ecological feasibility and provide cost-benefit calculations from a business, regional or social perspective. Results are presented in high-profile presentations and synthesis reports.
R+R is a specialist in benchmarking costs, infrastructural and operational quality, and productivity. We collect data and conduct additional interviews to check their plausibility. With statistical models and econometric methods, we analyse the cost drivers and develop commercial benchmarks. We provide comprehensive interpretations and directions for future optimization. Best practice is documented in individual opportunity profiles, and we make recommendations which facilitate the implementation of efficiency improvements.
We develop market analyses and market studies taking social trends into account. We create well-founded assessments of markets, competitors and critical success factors, and identify opportunities and risks in the target market.
We use suitable methods and tools to carry out strategic analyses on the requirements of infrastructure maintenance. We also develop planning and management tools for planning adequate measures and document them in the form of databases and manuals.
In Switzerland, the steady growth in mobility poses major challenges. According to federal forecasts, road and rail traffic will have increased by around a quarter by 2030. Mobility pricing is the concept of supply- and demand-oriented traffic management. R+R supports public enterprises in developing new approaches of usage-related charges for the utilisation of private and public transport infrastructure.
We create scenarios for traffic and transportation services. Social trends are followed and analysed. What is the value of punctuality? What are the future scenarios regarding leisure and recreational traffic? How will road, rail and air traffic develop? We are looking for the answers to the tasks and challenges of tomorrow.