Mission statement

We tie economics and engineering together

Transport facilities should enable safe, reliable and cost-efficient transport, protect people and the environment, achieve great effectiveness and be beneficial and lucrative.

The more the demands of operators and users, the concerns of environmental protection, and the interests of investors as well as taxpayers are in balance, the easier it is to realise and run transport facilities efficiently.

R+R combines competencies in technical and civil engineering, infrastructure management, transport economics, environmental and spatial analysis, as well as project management.

We ensure a balance between financial expenditure and sustainable benefit from infrastructure and transport operations.

Our principles
Our professional approach is based on the principles of systems engineering. This requires consistent definition and structuring of projects, making the diverse network of complex tasks more manageable. A time-efficient project flow is ensured and allows parallel processing of part assignments.

R+R constantly monitors the entire process and guides it with foresight and appropriate to the respective project stage.

  • systematic, holistic thinking
  • well-defined boundaries
  • well-defined objectives
  • well-defined procedures and processes
  • coherent and firm decisions
  • broad and balanced information for all parties involved

Competencies in the entire life cycle of facilities
R+R assesses and evaluates facilities in their natural, technical, economical and social environment. This includes the entire life cycle of facilities: planning, construction, operation, utilisation, maintenance and renewal. Far-reaching standards are set for the sustainability of the transport system – for its effectiveness, economy, ecology.

Identifying and solving conflicts
One of our special strengths is the ability to recognise conflicts of interest, and to find mutually satisfying solutions. Open-mindedness, flexibility, and autonomy in judgment represent the most important company principles.

International Open-Mindedness
Our national and international connections allow us to apprehend and incorporate new, relevant developments in a constructive and critical manner, and to establish important partnerships.

Quality management
Our management system has been certified in accordance with the SN EN ISO 9001 standards since 1998.